Kupang’s secret beach: Pulau Semau

This is a secret spot I’m sharing with you today, this beach is probably the most beautiful I’ve seen so far. The sand is super white and thin and the water as clear as it gets, and the best part is, there’s no one there. It’s a little bit hard to get to it but its beauty makes it totally worth doing a day trip from Kupang.

THE Beach, Pulau Semau, Kupang, Timor, Indonesia

The beach is located in Pulau Semau, a small island near Kupang, in Timor, There are some villages on it but it’s pretty remote and except for locals, no one ever comes here. The island is really nice with a lot of fields and greenery. The villages you’ll cross have nothing special but the people will probably be surprised to see you, expect everyone to say hello and try to talk to you.

THE Beach, Pulau Semau, Kupang, Timor, Indonesia

To get to it, you’ll have to rent a scooter first, then take a small boat from Kupang, don’t worry they will carry the motorbike inside the boat, it’s pretty spectacular to watch. You can see where to take the boat on maps.me, it’s not at the main harbor, but at one a little bit closer to Kupang. Don’t forget to ask about the return boat schedule.

THE Beach, Pulau Semau, Kupang, Timor, Indonesia

Then you’ll have to cross the island, the roads are bad so it will take you about two hours. You can start by going to Bukit Liman (Letebun on maps.me), you’ll climb the hill and have a nice view of the two beaches surrounding it and of the small island in front of it. When you get down you can enjoy a fresh coconut.  Then you can go to the perfect beach, you would have past it on your way to the hill. The beach is boarded by pine trees, you cannot miss it, it’s the second beach coming back from Bukit Liman.

If you are a large group you should definitively try to hire a boat for the day, there are other nice beaches on the island, some you cannot access by road, and there’s also a really small deserted island who seems super nice, next to Bukit Liman.

Bring plenty of food and water because there’s truly nothing on the island. Don’t worry about gas, you can find it easily there, people sell it in front of their house, just honk if no one is there.

The green dot is where you’ll arrive, the red is the beach and the blue the hill.


And now you just have to enjoy and relax…


What else to do around Kupang:

If you’re in Kupang, stop by Oebelo to visit the Sasando shop. Sasando is a traditional Timorese string instrument. The owner is really famous in his field, they export a lot and if you’re lucky he’ll play something for you. His son won Indonesia Got Talent playing Sasando, and he can adapt modern song for you. You won’t feel pushed to buy anything but it can be nice to make a small donation.

Sasando, Timor, Indonesia
Sasando playing and traditional singing


If you’re in Timor you might want to check out So’E, a traditional Timorese village not far from Kupang.

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