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Full time traveler, I like to immerse in the culture of the places I visit. I want to explore the unexplored and discover what every country has to offer. I share with you the best places I visit, especially the less-known destinations. Follow my blog to learn about my out-of-the-beaten-path adventures.

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Latest posts

  • Medinas in Tunisia – A walk through History

    Medinas in Tunisia – A walk through History

    Medina means city in Arabic. Today, it usually refers to the historical part of town, built centuries ago during the Arabs conquest of Africa. In Tunisia, a thick brick wall protects the medina, and there’s always a ribat or kasbah (a fort) as well. Nowadays, most medinas are still standing, and it’s where you’ll find […]Read More »
  • El Jem Museum and Amphitheater

    El Jem Museum and Amphitheater

      El Jem is famous all over Tunisia for its spectacular amphitheater, a UNESCO world heritage site and for the El Jem Museum of Archaeology, home to many wonders. El Jem is home to the third largest amphitheater left in the world after the one in Rome and the one in Capoue, and it’s also […]Read More »
  • Roman ruins in Tunisia  – A walk through time

    Roman ruins in Tunisia – A walk through time

    Out-of-the-beaten path, exploring the Roman ruins in Tunisia will awake the adventurer in you. Here, civilizations have mixed for centuries, creating a unique architectural landscape. At a crossroad between Africa, the Middle East, and Europe, Tunisia’s strategic location has made the country rich in history. From the Phoenicians up to the Arabs, the cities have […]Read More »