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Full time traveler, I like to immerse in the culture of the places I visit. I want to explore the unexplored and discover what every country has to offer. I share with you the best places I visit, especially the less-known destinations. Follow my blog to learn about my out-of-the-beaten-path adventures.

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Latest posts

  • Kerkouane and the Cap Bon

    Kerkouane and the Cap Bon

    The Cap Bon, off of Tunisia’s West coast is a popular beach destination among locals. Even during winter time, the coast is worth visiting, with impressive views, white-sanded beaches, and an interesting local culture. Driving along the Cap Bon is the perfect road trip, you can explore everything in one day, or take more time […]Read More »
  • A walk through Monastir’s Medina

    A walk through Monastir’s Medina

    Founded in 960 BC by the Carthaginians, Monastir, then called Rous Penna, was the starting point of Cesar’s conquest of North Africa. The walls and the old city (medina) you see today were built in 796 when the Arabs took control of the area. The city quickly became an important religious and military center. Especially […]Read More »
  • Visit Carthage: Hannibal’s ancient capital

    Visit Carthage: Hannibal’s ancient capital

    Tunisia is a country rich in history. A part of it used to form the Carthage Empire, which dominated most of the Mediterranean during the 4th century BC, thanks to its famous leader Hannibal. Now a modern city not far from the capital, Tunis, some part of the ancient Carthage can still be visited. Excavation […]Read More »