Romantic Things to Do in Puerto Rico for Couples

Romantic Things to Do in Puerto Rico for Couples

Last Updated on July 31, 2023

Planning a romantic getaway with your partner? Look no further than Puerto Rico! This stunning Caribbean island has so much to offer for couples looking to create unforgettable memories together.

From the historic streets of Old San Juan to the breathtaking forest of El Yunque National Park, Puerto Rico has so much that you can do with your partner.

This guide has all the best things to do and places to visit in Puerto Rico for couples.


Romantic Things to Do in Puerto Rico for Couples


Romantic Things to Do in Puerto Rico for Couples


Romantic Things to Do in Puerto Rico for Couples


Romantic Things to Do in Puerto Rico for Couples


Romantic Things to Do in Puerto Rico for Couples


Romantic Things to Do in Puerto Rico for Couples



Romantic Things to Do in Puerto Rico for Couples


Romantic Things to Do in Puerto Rico for Couples


Romantic Things to Do in Puerto Rico for Couples


Romantic Things to Do in Puerto Rico for Couples


Romantic Things to Do in Puerto Rico for Couples


Romantic Things to Do in Puerto Rico for Couples


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Old San Juan

The old part of San Juan is one of the most magical and romantic places in the city. Get lost in the history of Old San Juan as you and your partner wander through its cobblestone streets.

Old San Juan is a UNESCO World Heritage site that has great examples of colonial architecture and historic forts. The Castillo San Felipe del Morro is a magnificent 16th-century fortress that was used to protect the bay of San Juan from invaders. Its sister fort San Cristobal sits on the other end of the city. You can walk next to the ocean to reach the other fort within 20 minutes.

You should also take a leisurely stroll hand in hand through the romantic streets and plazas of Old San Juan. The old city has colorful buildings, charming cafes, and lively street art that creates a vibrant atmosphere. The romantic Paseo de la Princesa is a picturesque street along the city walls that is decorated by floating umbrellas, lights, and other decorations throughout the year.

Other awe-inspiring monuments that you must not miss are the Cathedral of San Juan Bautista, with its stunning Gothic façade. It is a must-visit for couples seeking a moment of peace. Casa Blanca, Puerta de San Juan, and Plaza de Armas are other places you must not miss.

A great way to explore the area is with a walking tour, to learn all about the history behind each monument. Foodies can also check out San Juan’s food scene with a food tour of traditional local eateries.

Dinner at Cannon Club

Cannon Club is a beautiful piano bar in Old San Juan. While the rest of the bars here have very intense Latin vibes, this club is laid-back and romantic. There is a wonderful artist who plays the most beautiful melodies on the piano every night.

The interior is cozy and made of stone and decorated with old wooden furniture. If you want to escape from the crowds, then walk up to their rooftop sitting space. You can see the open sky from here and sip wine under the twinkling fairy lights. 

They also have an amazing selection of wine and cocktails at the bar. Their dinner and snacks menu is also well-selected and pairs very well with the drinks. This hidden gem is the perfect cozy and intimate atmosphere for a date night with your beloved. The combination of tasty food, warm ambiance, and top-notch service makes the Cannon Club a perfect spot for a romantic dinner date.

Bar Hopping in Old San Juan

El Batey

El Batey from the outside looks like a dingy dive bar but inside it’s full of character and history. This iconic bar is famous for its great drinks, friendly atmosphere, and interesting people that always end up playing pool here. You can sip on a rum and coke here while soaking in the vibrant atmosphere and striking up conversations with people from all over the world.

La Factoria

For a more posh experience, head to La Factoria. This is the bar that was featured in the music video for Despacito. This award-winning speakeasy bar is known for its craft cocktails and speakeasy vibes. They have seven different rooms each with a different theme, from lively salsa dancing to cozy rooms perfect for intimate conversations.

La Cubanita

If you and your partner love live music and dancing, make sure to visit La Cubanita. This lovely bar has salsa and Latin music, with lots of locals and other couples dancing the night away on the weekends. Even if you don’t know salsa you should try your hand at dancing here as the people are very welcoming and no one will judge you for having two left feet. 

Salsa Dancing at Placita de Santurce

Salsa Dancing

Puerto Rico is considered the birthplace of salsa, and dancing to Latin beats is an experience you won’t want to miss. Placita de Santurce is home to various salsa clubs where couples can enjoy a night of passionate dancing. These clubs have everything from intimate settings with live bands to high-energy dance floors where you can show off your moves. The locals get so excited here that entire streets are blocked off so that people can come out onto the roads and dance the entire night. 

Want to learn salsa from the experts? You can also take a salsa lesson for two all around the city. Professional instructors will guide you and your partner through the basic steps and techniques and then you can practice your dancing in the cool clubs. Nothing fuels chemistry between a couple as much as sexy salsa dancing!

Beaches in San Juan

Condado Beach, San Juan, Puerto Rico

The city itself has so many amazing beaches that you won’t believe it. Ocean Park and Condado are two really cool beaches near the touristy part of the city. If you are staying in San Juan, chances are you will be close to these beaches. It’s a great place for couples to spend a day on the beach and then get dinner at one of the great restaurants right across the street. 

But the best beach in San Juan is Escambron Beach. It’s a locals-only beach and rarely will you see tourists here. There is great snorkeling right next to the beach because the stone barrier that makes a huge natural pool makes for great fish homes. If you want to have some space to play catch or frisbee with your partner and then get some ice cream and tacos, then Escambron Beach is where you want to go. 

Rum Distillery Tour

The people in Puerto Rico are very proud of their rum. As you might know from Pirates of the Caribbean, rum is one of the most revered drinks in the Caribbean and no one does it better than this island. There are a lot of distilleries in San Juan that have tours where you can see the rum being processed and then try different kinds of rum.

Casa Bacardi in San Juan is an old distillery that has rum-tasting tours and mixology classes. Getting drunk on some of the best rum on the planet with your partner is a very great experience. Not only will you get to learn about the history of rum, you will get to taste some amazing rum that is famous the world over and go home in giggles. 

Try Puerto Rican Cuisine

It would be a shame if you came to Puerto Rico and went home without trying some amazing cuisine with your partner. Puerto Rico has some great dishes like tostones, pastels, arroz con gandules, and mofongos.

There are lots of restaurants in Old San Juan that have every single one of these dishes. It’s a beautiful bonding experience when you try new food and flavors with your partner. Even if you are vegetarian there are lots of flavors for each dish so you won’t miss out on anything.

El Jibarito and Barrachina in Old San Juan are two restaurants that are well-known for their local cuisine. 

El Yunque National Park

El Yunque National Park is a tropical rainforest filled with great hikes and beautiful waterfalls. The rainforest is the perfect place for couples that like adventure and the outdoors. The park has a huge number of hiking trails and waterfalls inside. There is also a very informative recreation area. You can spot a number of native plants and the coqui – a frog-like animal whose sound you will hear everywhere in Puerto Rico. 


There are lots of hiking options in El Yunque. Some require reservations but some don’t. Los Picachos, Mount Britton, and El Yunque Peak are a few really beautiful trails deep in the rainforest that need reservations in advance. 


The entire rainforest is filled with lots of waterfalls and hikes that lead to them. Puente Roto is a huge freshwater pool close to the road under a bridge. The Angelito Trail has multiple levels of huge, not-too-deep pools. Las Paylas are big water slides with ropes that you can use to jump into the water. 

You can either book a tour to visit the rainforest or go on your own, just make sure you reserve your spot well in advance.

Cayo Icacos Day Trip

Cayo Icacos

Taking a romantic boat trip to Cayo Icacos island, a pristine island just off the coast of Puerto Rico should definitely be on your itinerary. The island is uninhabited and very few people go there every day. The island has sandy white beaches all around and the most amazing variety of fish in the coral that surrounds it. There is also a small hike to the middle of the island.

This secluded paradise is the perfect place to relax, unwind, and enjoy each other’s company amidst breathtaking natural beauty.

Tours to Cayo Icacos

Lots of companies have day trips to Cayo Icacos and other islands on their yachts. The tour includes being picked up in San Juan, a few snorkeling spots, lunch, and then partying on the yacht near Cayo Icacos island. 

Day trip to Cayo Icacos

Doing a day trip is very easy. You drive to Fajardo from San Juan which takes 1 hour and then take a very cheap local boat to Cayo Icacos island. You can relax on the beach the entire day and then take the last boat back with the same locals before sunset. 

Bioluminescent Bay Tour

Puerto Rico has several bioluminescent bays, where microorganisms in the water produce a luminous glow. You can go out in a kayak or in a boat at night to watch as the water lights up with movement.

Mosquito Bay in Vieques is the brightest of all the bio bays in the world. If you go on a tour there you will be picked up in San Juan, take a boat to Vieques Island, do the night kayaking, and then back late in the night. 

There are not many bioluminescent bays in the world so having the opportunity to be able to see one with your partner is a beautiful experience. Seeing such a beautiful phenomenon of nature is an incredibly thrilling experience.  

Catamaran Tour


Hop aboard a catamaran and sail through the clear waters of Puerto Rico with your loved one. Catamaran tours are a great way to enjoy being out in the water all day. You will get to see awesome views of the coastline, get splashed with the reviving water of the ocean, and just get to relax the entire day.

Make sure to also take advantage of the opportunity to snorkel and swim in the waters off the coast of Puerto Rico. Whether you choose a daytime cruise or a sunset sail, a catamaran tour is a romantic way to see some beautiful places in Puerto Rico.

Trip to Rincon, Puerto Rico

Rincon, Puerto Rico

Rincon is a small town on the west coast of Puerto Rico known for its surfing. It is very easy to get from San Juan to Rincon so lots of people add this town to their Puerto Rico itinerary. Rincon has so many other things to do that you could spend days here.

If you and your partner love surfing or have always wanted to try it, Rincon is the place to be. It is known as the surfing capital of the Caribbean and has world-class waves that cater to surfers of all skill levels. There are lots of really good teachers in Rincon that cater to absolute beginners.

It’s the most amazing feeling being in the water with your partner and learning such a fun and exhilarating activity. Plus it’s known that doing activities that promote an adrenaline rush increases the bond between partners. Once you have done a few lessons, both of you can even try renting boards at Sandy Beach and try to catch a few waves by yourself. 

Rincon also has secluded beaches like Tres Palmas and Sandy Beach, hidden coves, and breathtaking cliffside views that will leave you in awe. If you go to Punta Higuera Lighthouse during the summer you can even see migratory whales in the channel just off the coast of Rincon.

Rincon is also famous for its spectacular sunsets, painting the sky with beautiful oranges, purples, and pinks. Go to Villa Cofresi and get one of their pirate drinks and settle down on the sand right in front of the restaurant to watch the sun go down.

The famous Art Walk Fair every Thursday evening in downtown Rincon is a great place to be if you want to see all the local arts and crafts from this region. 

Snorkeling at Tres Palmas

During your romantic getaway enjoy your vacation with a blissful beach day at Steps beach, part of the Tres Palmas Marine Reserve, home to some of the best snorkeling and scuba diving in Puerto Rico. When the tide goes down every day some part of the reef is exposed and it’s easy to get in and out of the water. In the water you can see all kinds of fish and if you swim a little bit into the deep you might even spot turtles that come to nest here. 

During low tide, there are lots of natural pools that form at Steps beach. Since most tourists don’t know about this beach you will only find locals and their families having fun here. You can sit with a beer in one of these natural pools and bask in the sun. It’s the most perfect beach day in Puerto Rico.

Vieques Island

Vieques, Puerto Rico

Vieques is a small island off the coast of Puerto Rico and very few people live on the island. Most people go to the island for a day trip and come back in the evening. This means that after everybody leaves this island turns into the perfect place for some privacy and romance. The island has protected natural areas on both ends so nature is beautiful here. You can go hiking anywhere you want. 

The waters around the island are also great for diving. It is known that you can see the endangered Antillean manatee species here. Not only this you can spot rays, sharks and so many kinds of fish as well. Many companies take people out for full-day diving tours where you will get to dive at multiple different sites around the island. 


With its rich history, natural wonders, and romantic experiences, Puerto Rico is the ultimate destination for couples seeking a memorable getaway. There are so many adventures you can have here that will create lifelong memories with your partner. So have fun on your couple’s trip to Puerto Rico!

Written by Kanupriyaa Choudhary-Legha

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Romantic Things to Do in Puerto Rico for Couples