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60+ best Travel Gifts for the Traveler in your Life

Last Updated on February 9, 2023

Looking for the perfect gift for the traveler in your life (or for the traveler to become)? Here are my top picks for the best travel gifts to please the traveler in your life, no matter their travel style – backpackers, jetsetters, hikers… –  and no matter your budget.

You’ll find travel must-haves, from sking stuffers to splurge-worthy travel gifts, as well as travel-related gifts for the home or to remind them of their wanderlust.

Travel Gift Guide

My top picks from this list:

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Best travel-themed gifts

1 – Scratch-off Map

A scratch-off map is a thoughtful gift for anyone who loves to travel. More than a decorative piece, it’s a great way for the traveler in your life to keep track of their travel, find new places to visit, and inspire them to travel more.

Here are a few options from Amazon:

2 – Destinations Bucket List Scratch-off Poster

In the same spirit as the scratch-off map, a bucket list poster for travelers is both a nice decorative gift and a source of inspiration for future travels. Listing epic places one needs to see around the world, the poster will bring some wanderlust to the traveler in your life.

Here are a few nice options from Amazon:

3 – Travel Planner/Journal

For someone who loves journaling and keeping track of their travel, a travel journal can be a super useful gift. It helps them plan their trip, making sure they don’t forget anything, it also makes a keepsake to remember what they did during their vacation. It makes a cute budget-friendly gift the traveler in your life will love.

4 – Travel Guides/Travel Photography Books

If you know which countries the person you’re shopping for wants to go to next, you can get them the travel guide for that destination. Lonely Planet always offers up-to-date travel guides and probably have one for every country in the world. You could also get a general travel coffee table book to spark inspiration and wanderlust.

Here are a couple of popular travel books from Amazon:

5 – Travel-Themed Jewelry

Remind the traveler in your life of their passion for travel with a beautiful piece of jewelry. From compasses to globes, you can choose from a wide variety of travel-inspired designs and select the most adequate gift.

Here are a few options from Amazon:

6 – Travel-Themed Mugs

Mugs are always an obvious choice when it comes to budget-friendly gifts but it’s a classic and you can be pretty sure it will be appreciated. Pick one that is travel-related to bring a special touch to a simple gift.

Here are a few options from Amazon:

7 – Travel-inspired Games

Board and card games are always nice gifts to get, especially from friends or family so you can play together. There are quite a few options, from trivia games to card games they can use when they’re traveling.

Here are a couple of options:

8 – Travel Piggy Bank

Help the traveler in your life save for their next trip with a beautiful travel-themed piggy bank. Maybe help them start it by adding a few bucks.

Here are some options from Amazon:

Travel Gifts – Useful things to have when traveling

9 – Passport Cover

A passport cover is always a good thing to have as some countries might not allow you in if your passport is damaged. It makes a super useful gift and a good sking stuffer or budget-friendly item.

Here are some options from Amazon:

10 – Luggage Tags

Another great sking stuffer or small gift, luggage tags are a must when traveling by plane or train.

Here are a few cute options from amazon:

11 – Travel wallet

When traveling, it’s always useful to have a practical wallet that can fit everything you need yet that doesn’t take up too much space. When choosing a travel wallet make sure it’s RFID blocking (to keep your cards from being copied).

Here are a few options from Amazon:

12 – Travel Make Up Bag

It’s always useful for travelers to have a small pouch when traveling to keep their things organized. It’s a great gift because they can use it both when they travel and when they’re home.

Here are a few options from Amazon:

13 – Eye Mask

Having an eye mask when traveling can be a lifesaver, especially during long-haul flights or for someone who needs total darkness to sleep. They now make sleep masks that are super comfortable and that applies just the right amount of pressure. Another option is to get sleep-phones, it’s perfect for light sleepers as it blocks light and allows you to listen to music so you can block out outside noises.

14 – Travel pillow and footrest for long-haul flights

Long-haul flights are usually not the best part of a trip, but it can be made more comfortable with a few items, like a travel pillow and a footrest, like the ones listed below.

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15 – Travel luggage organizer

Keeping their bags organized can help them save time, space, and just make traveling easier. There are a few things to help such as travel cubes electronics organizers, or vacuum-less compression bags.

16 – LifeStraw Water Bottle

60+ best Travel Gifts for the Traveler in your Life

If they love outdoor expeditions or are planning a trip to a country where tap water isn’t safe, this LifeStraw Water Bottle will be a lifesaver. They can fill this bottle with any water and the straw will filter bacteria and chemicals instantly. Water filter bottles avoid having to carry a lot of water at once, save money, and reduce waste.

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17 – Collapsible Water Bottle

60+ best Travel Gifts for the Traveler in your Life

Another type of water bottle to have with them when they travel are collapsible bottles. Traveling light makes everything so much easier, especially when backpacking. With this type of water bottle, when they’re not using it, they can simply fold it so it takes almost no place in their bag.

18 – Toiletry Bag

A toiletry bag is a must-have for travel. The best ones are the ones you can hang and that are waterproof, so if something inside it leaks it doesn’t spill all over the suitcase.

Here are a few options from Amazon:

19 – Duffel Bags

60+ best Travel Gifts for the Traveler in your Life

For a short trip, a quick weekend getaway, or as a carry-on, duffel bags are always a useful thing to have. They’re lightweight, practical, foldable, and washable, the perfect travel accessory!

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20 – Packing List

60+ best Travel Gifts for the Traveler in your Life

These packing lists are great for someone who likes to plan everything in advance or needs some help with organization. The list includes everything a traveler needs to think of before leaving for their trip. It makes a great sking-stuffer or small budget-friendly gift for the traveler in your life.

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21 – Action Camera – GoPro HERO9

60+ best Travel Gifts for the Traveler in your Life

For a traveler who’s into adventure travel or who likes to take videos, a GoPro is the ultimate gift. The GoPro HERO9 is the iconic brand’s latest action camera, it takes breath-taking videos with plenty of unrivaled features to please any tech traveler.

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22 – Hammock

60+ best Travel Gifts for the Traveler in your Life

For an outdoor lover who loves to go on camping trips and wilderness expeditions, a hammock is a must-have! This one comes with a rain fly and a mosquito net, is easily set up, and doesn’t weigh much or takes too much space once it’s folded.

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23 – Gift Cards

What better gift for a traveler than funding part of their next travel?

24 – Bluetooth Speakers

60+ best Travel Gifts for the Traveler in your Life

Speakers are always a great thing to have to listen to your favorite music anywhere. Specially designed with travelers in mind, the JBL CLIP 3 is practical, lightweight, waterproof, and offers high-quality sound. It lasts up to 10 hours and is easy to carry around.

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25 – Noise Canceling Head Phones

60+ best Travel Gifts for the Traveler in your Life

Hours in transportation and noisy hotel rooms can be tough on the frequent traveler, noise-canceling Head Phones are a great option to get some peace and quiet. Using unique Dual Noise Sensor technology, these headphones block out any outside noise. The audio quality is exceptional and guarantees a listening experience like no other, with up to 30 hours of battery autonomy.

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26 – Kindle

60+ best Travel Gifts for the Traveler in your Life

For the traveler who likes to read, a Kindle can be a great gift. It allows them to have all their favorite books without the weight, easily get new books when they’re abroad, and have more space in their luggage. The Kindle has exceptional battery autonomy, high storage capacities, and best of all, the screen reads like real paper so it doesn’t tire your eyes as a screen does. > Buy on Amazon >>

27 – Audible Membership

An Audible membership allows you to have access to thousands of audiobooks, podcasts, and originals. It’s a great thing to have when you travel as it helps you kill time during flights, long bus rides, or just when you want to relax for a while.

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28 – Zero Waste and Eco-Friendly Travel Kit

The eco-conscious traveler will love to receive a zero-waste travel kit. You can find zero waste kits, but they usually include a bunch of non-travel-related stuff.

Because they usually use less packaging, zero waste products are also a great option for people wanting to travel light. Your best option is to pick and choose and make your own kit. Here are a couple of products you can include in your personalized zero waste travel kit:

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