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Dumaguete to Apo Island – How to get there + best things to do

Last Updated on November 5, 2022

Tiny volcanic Apo Island near Dumaguete is famous amongst divers. Home to the Philippines’ first and most successful marine reserve, the reefs can be counted as some of the most beautiful reefs in the country. Rich in corals and marine species, Apo’s underwater world is amazing. Diving in Apo Island really is a treat for the eyes. Non-divers will also have a great time with some nice snorkeling spots and great trekking. Read on to learn all you need to know and how to get from Dumaguete to Apo Island.

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Apo island, Philippines

Dumaguete to Apo Island: Best things to do

Right on the beach you can rent snorkeling gear and swim with turtles only a couple of feet from the shore. The best time is early morning or late afternoon. There are always a lot of turtles there so it’s guaranteed you’ll see some.

View over Apo island, Philippines
View over Apo island

Apo island only has one nice beach, owned by Apo Island Beach Resort, the entrance fee is 100 pesos. The beach is small and sometimes there’s some seaweed but it’s the only sandy beach on the island. The others beaches are rocky, full of dead corals and shells.

Apart from the beautiful reef and rich marine life, the island is nice for trekking. Each side is boarded by small mountains, the village is in between. There are viewpoints on each one, the paths are well maintained but lack some signage in some parts. On the South part, the top is easily reachable and the view over the sea is beautiful, the color of the water is amazing.

diving apo island dumaguete, Philippines

On the northern side, there is more than one path to choose from, you can climb up and go down to some of the beaches. The best way would be to start at the path behind the high school, go up, from there you can explore the paths going to the right then go towards the west. You’ll get an amazing view over the entire island. From there you can reach the lighthouse and go down towards Liberty Lodge. There are some houses near the lighthouse but not anywhere else. So if you get lost you’re on your own. Don’t worry too much though, the island is not that big, just start well ahead of sunset and bring plenty of water and snacks.

Apo Island Dumaguete, Philippines

For diving in Apo Island, you can arrange a day-trip from Dumaguete or Siquijor. If you’re on a budget, it might be cheaper to spend the night on the island and to arrange the dives directly on Apo Island.

Apo island dumaguete, Philippines


How to get from Dumaguete to Apo Island (on a budget):

From Dumaguete to Apo Island, take a jeepney bound south, and get off at the Malatapay junction. From there, you can walk to the pier or find a tricycle.

To get to Apo you can charter a boat from Malatapay pier, it’s quite expensive (2000 to 3000 pesos) especially if you’re not a large group. The cheapest way to get from Dumaguete to Apo Island is to book a seat in the passenger boat from Liberty Lodge (300 pesos). You don’t have to stay at their hotel but they prioritize their customers for the return, so, you can book to get to Apo, but the return is only upon availability at the time of departure. Liberty Lodge has a dormitory, the cheapest I found there. There are plenty of guesthouses and small hotels to choose from. Note that wifi is hard to come by and electricity doesn’t run all day. You’ll also notice there are no cars and no motorbikes on the island, but there are a lot of roosters ready to wake you up at 4 am every day.

Every Wednesday in Malatapay there’s a huge market. All the farmers and craftsmen from the villages around meet there once a week. This market is really famous in the Philippines because no money is exchanged, people only use bartering to get what they want.

If you don’t have much time, you can also take a day trip from Dumaguete to Apo Island via a tour agency. It will be more expansive than if you visit the island independently, but you’ll be able to do it in a day.

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