10 delicious French desserts you need to try on your next trip!

French desserts

Last Updated on November 5, 2022

A trip to France includes tons of exciting sights and activities, and wouldn’t be complete without trying the food. A culinary experience in France is one of the best things you can try while traveling there. Dessert is an essential part of French meals.

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Here is a list of unmissable classic French desserts:

At the restaurant:

Each restaurant has a different dessert menu, but there are a couple of classic desserts that you can find in most restaurants. Here’s a list of a couple of desserts, from the French cuisine, you shouldn’t miss.

Tarte Tatin

tarte tatin

This delicious upside-down apple pie is to die for. It’s usually served with vanilla ice cream or sour cream. It’s best served warm. The apples are first caramelized with butter and sugar before being baked with the dough on top.

Créme brulée

creme brulee

Créme brulée doesn’t need an introduction, this vanilla custard with a caramelized crust is a must-try. Originally from Catalunya, the cream got its crunchy layer later in France and became a classic.

Fondant au Chocolat

Fondant au chocolat

My favorite, and one of the French cuisine basics. You can find Molten Chocolate Cakes in most French restaurants. Shaped like a cupcake, the outside is soft, and the inside is melting.

Mousse au Chocolat

chocolate mousse

Chocolate mousse is a French classic, if you like chocolate, you cannot miss trying one.

Ile Flotante

Ile flotante

Iles Flotantes are soft meringues made of whipped egg-whites, sugar, and vanilla, poached, floating on Créme Anglaise, a type of vanilla cream.



Profiteroles are choux filled with vanilla ice cream, topped with hot chocolate sauce and whip cream.

Lemon Key Pie

Lemon Key Pie

Lemon Key Pie is a famous French dessert. Most traditional restaurants will have it on their menu and you sometimes find at it the bakery.

At the bakery:

Desserts you’ll find at the restaurant and desserts you’ll find at the bakery are usually different. The desserts at the bakery, called Patisseries, are a must-try. Each pastry chef has its own way to make pastries. Don’t hesitate to go on a spur and buy a couple so you can try. Here are some of the classic pastries you´ll find at any bakery anywhere in France.

Eclair au Chocolat


Eclairs au chocolat are a must-try, you’ll find them at any bakery or pastry shop.

An alternative is the Religieuse, same recipe, different shape. Both also come in coffee flavor.


Mille Feuilles

Mille-feuilles is a layered puff pastry filled with cream and topped with a sugar icing.

Paris Brest

paris brest

Paris Brest is a chou (shaped like a donut) and filled with coffee cream.



Operas are made of almond sponge-cake layers soaked in coffee syrup and layered with ganache and coffee buttercream, topped by a chocolate glaze.

What about you? What is your favorite dessert?

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